Byzantine Sites in Western Turkey

The first pictures are in the greater Ephesus (Selšuk) Area 

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View looking north from hilltop near Classical Ephesus at Ayasoluk Hill with Isa Bey Camii, St. John's Church, Ayasoluk Castle with a Byzantine Church Byzantine "Goat" Castle north of Ephesus Ayasoluk Castle and east part of old (Byzantine) city wall Byzantine Cistern and Ayasoluk Castle
Byzantine Cistern and Aquaduct Byzantine Cistern and Me Byzantine Fortress on hill overlooking Classical Ephesus Roman/Byzantine Theater in Classical Ephesus
Church of the Virgin Mary in Classical Ephesus.  Site of the Ephesian Council of 449 Model of St. John's Church St. John's Church and Ayasoluk Castle Baptistery in St. John's Church
12th Century Iconography in St. John's Church Looking out of north entrance to St. John's Church Looking from outer courtyard through the Narthex, past the Sanctuary and on to the Martyrium Tomb and Martyrium of St. John
Byzantine City Gate Looking south through North Gate of St. John's Church St. John's Church North Alter Layout of St. John's Church


 following pictures are from other sites in the


Byzantine Basilica in Hieropolis near Laodecia Byzantine Gate on north side of Hieropolis (and me) St. Philip's Martyrium at Hieropolis Another view of St. Philip's Martyium
Red Basilica at Pergammon Inside a Byzantine Chapel on the island of Samos that has been in constant use since the 12th Century Some Byzantine Coins And, since everyone always asks ...

Some Images from Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul

Basilica Cistern built in 532, fed by the Roman Aquaduct and supplied water for the palace Castle of Emperor Justinian built in 6th Century Church of Divine Peace built in 540 Ottoman Vişne (Cherry Juice) Vendor and Me in front of Hagia Sofia
Church of the Holy Savior built in 540 Inside the Church of the Holy Savior Sancta Sofia, Hagia Sofia, Church of Holy Wisdom built in 537 Inside Hagia Sofia

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More Byzantine pictures available, including iconography, by request.

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